Australia’s Incat Secures Contract for LNG-Powered World-Leading Ferry

| Australia: Hobart TAS | Source: Incat Australia

Buquebus world largest aluminium ferry conceptAustralian shipbuilder Incat, based in Hobart, Tasmania, has secured a contract to build the world’s largest aluminium ship. The vessel, like its Incat-built predecessor Francisco, will be used Liquefied Natural Gas to achieve a maximum speed of over forty knots. The 130‑metre ferry will join the other Incat ships already serving various ports between Argentina and Uruguay.

Incat Tasmania Pty Ltd will build the 130 metre long ship for long standing customer, Buquebus, to operate between ports on the River Plate (Rio Plato). The completed vessel will be the largest aluminium ferry ever built and the ninth vessel for Incat’s valued South American customer.

At a probable 13,000 gross registered tonnes the 130‑metre long, 32‑metre wide vessel will carry 2100 passengers and 220 cars.

Buquebus world largest aluminium ferry will be LNG-poweredWork is underway on design and engineering, the physical construction will commence as soon as the detail design drawings are completed and approved by the customer.

The new Buquebus ship, Incat hull 096, is predicted to have a maximum speed of over 40 knots.  The 130‑metre ship will be powered by four dual-fuel engines that will burn environmentally friendly LNG while in service between Argentina and Uruguay.

The LNG-fueled fast ferry Francisco won the inaugural Black Diamond award at World LNG Fuels 2014.

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