Audi Receives German Gas Industry Innovation Award

| Germany

Dr. Walter Thielen, Reiner Mangold, AUDI AG, winner category "Mobility", Dr. Ludwig Möhring

Audi AG is the recipient of the German Gas Industry’s 2012 Innovation Award for ‘Environmentally Friendly Mobility: Natural Gas in Transport’. The German auto manufacturer has been recognised for its ‘e-gas’ project. Kicked off in 2011, the project aims to produce synthetic natural gas from excess wind energy and offer it as a fuel for transportation. As part of the same project, Audi has developed the A3 TCNG for 2013 release; the A3′s four-cylinder TFSI engine and exhaust system catalytic converter have been specifically designed for natural gas operation.

“If we want to achieve the desired climate targets, we must in all areas of energy use consistently exploit the existing potential,” said Dr. Ludwig Möhring, president of the Association for the Efficient and environmentally friendly energy consumption Association (ASUE) at the award ceremony. “Only when each individual makes his or her personal contribution to energy efficiency, the objectives of global climate protection can be achieved,” he added.

According to erdgas mobil GmbH, a German industry association promoting natural gas fuel, the Audi A3 TCNG 110-horsepower Sportback model consumes 3.6 kg of natural gas per 100 kilometers and accelerates to over 190 km/h. Simultaneously, the CO2 emissions based on Well-to-Wheel for e-gas is below 30 g/km.

Audi says it expects approximately 1,500 Audi natural gas vehicles will be refueled with e-gas in 2013.

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