AT&T’s 5000th Alt-Fuel Vehicle – CNG Powered

| USA, Dallas TX

AT&T CNG-powered fleet vehicle

Communications holding company AT&T is cruising towards its target of 15,000 cleaner-fuel fleet vehicles with the deployment of its 5000th clean vehicle – a compressed natural gas (CNG) powered van. In fact, AT&T has made one of the largest U.S. corporate commitments to compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles to date. Through 2013, AT&T anticipates it will have purchased up to 8,000 CNG vehicles at an estimated cost of $350 million.

“In a short period of time, with the support of community leaders all over the country, we’ve invested in the deployment of thousands of advanced technology vehicles that promote cleaner air, use less fuel and help AT&T lower its operating costs,” said Jerome Webber, vice president, AT&T Global Fleet Operations. “While some may see just another car or truck on the road, we think these vehicles represent the shared values of the communities where we live, work and play.”

In 2010, AT&T and other large U.S. fleet operators joined in the Department of Energy’s Clean Cities’ National Clean Fleets Partnership as part of a national challenge launched by President Obama to cut America’s petroleum imports by one-third by 2025.

According to a 2009 Center for Automotive Research report, AT&T’s planned alternative-fuel vehicle initiative would save 49 million gallons of gasoline over the 10-year deployment period and reduce carbon emissions by 211,000 metric tons – the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 38,600 passenger vehicles from the road for one year.

(This article compiled using information from an AT&T press release)



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