Atmos Energy Introduces New NGV Fleet and New CNG Station

| USA, Arlington TX

2013 a banner year for compressed natural gas vehicles in Texas

Atmos Energy Corporation, one of the largest natural gas-only distributors in the USA, teamed up with ZeitEnergy, a CNG fueling services company, to introduce its newest Ford F-150 and Ford F-250 natural gas fleet and celebrate the groundbreaking of a new public compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station on April 30, 2014 at the Atmos Energy Service Center located at 1550 Tech Center Parkway in Arlington, Texas.

“This is a win-win for Atmos Energy and ZeitEnergy,” said John Paris, Atmos Energy president of the Mid-Tex division. “We are thrilled to be introducing 67 new natural gas vehicles to our existing NGV fleet which will also benefit ZeitEnergy’s newest CNG station in Arlington.”

“CNG is a smart alternative fuel produced from abundant, reliable, U.S. sources and provides a clean and economic choice for fleets that are looking for a way to escape the drawbacks of gasoline and diesel. In short, CNG is cleaner, domestic, and cheaper,” said Clint Beauchamp, ZeitEnergy Founder and Principal.

The announcement comes on the heels of a banner year for compressed natural gas vehicles in Texas. According to the Energy Information Administration, CNG vehicles consumed a record 2.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas in Texas in 2013.

“We have been replacing our service vehicles with natural gas vehicles since 2010 when we first purchased more than two dozen Honda Civic GX NGVs for our meter readers,” said Paris.  “Our growing natural gas vehicle fleet demonstrates Atmos Energy’s commitment to the environment by helping to keep our skies clear of harmful emissions and utilizing our abundant and efficient supply of clean natural gas.”

(Source: Atmos Energy Corporation)

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