Astrakhan Adds Natural Gas to Fuel Line-Up

| Russia, Astrakhan

On May 12th, a tripartite agreement on cooperation was signed between Astrakhan Oblast (in southern European Russia), OJSC KAMAZ and OOO EKTOOIL in the city of Astrakhan, to promote natural gas as a motor vehicle fuel. The purpose of the agreement is to introduce new technologies aimed at improvement of traffic safety and environmental protection, reach global standards and ensure safety and comfort for passengers and drivers in Astrakhan Oblast.

Under the agreement, signed by Aleksandr Zhilkin, Governor of Astrakhan Oblast, Sergey Kogogin, Director General of OJSC KAMAZ, and Sergey Bolovin, Director General of OOO EKTOOIL, it is planned to replace Euro 1, Euro 2, Euro 3 vehicles with Euro 4, Euro 5 ones and use eco-friendly NGVs.

Noting the environmental significance of the project, Zhilkin said, “Compressed gas is better than traditional fuels. It is cost-effective and pollution-free, less toxic. This is why the agreement we’ve recently signed is important and useful.”

According to Kogogin, “More and more regions of this country want to use up-to-date vehicles. Today, Astrakhan Oblast has chosen economical and eco-friendly bottle-gas driven vehicles too. KAMAZ’s task is now to provide the region with required vehicles. We have every resource and potential for this. Undoubtedly, not only automobile companies will profit reducing vehicle operation costs, but also all residents of Astrakhan Oblast will gain as a result because methane is the safest and greenest fuel whose usage will enable to reduce the quantity of emissions released to the atmosphere.

Bolovin noted in his speech that his company and MInBank were the first in Astrakhan Oblast to start developing the network of mobile vehicle filling stations with the use of compressed gas. “To solve this task, we formed a plan approved by the mayor of Astrakhan to develop the network of multifuel filling stations placing them in different regions of the city. The latest high-tech Korean, Italian and Russian gas equipment meeting all production safety standards will be used at each multi-fuel filling station. Each ready-built station is virtually a miniplant which purifies, dries, compresses fuel and fills vehicles with it.”

(Source: KAMAZ)

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