Associated British Ports and Flogas Unite to Bunker with LNG

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Flogas and ABP Bunker MV IrelandLeicester-based gas supplier Flogas Britain has partnered with Associated British Ports (ABP) to bunker a ship with liquefied natural gas (LNG) for the first time in the UK. The LNG-fuelled 110-metre cement carrier MV Ireland, operated by Norwegian shipping firm KGJ Cement AS – refuelled at the Port of Immingham on Wednesday 16th August.

The joint venture between Flogas and ABP marks a significant step forward for maritime bunkering in the UK. It means ships from across the globe will now have direct access to LNG –  a fuel that is becoming increasingly popular in shipping, due to its ability to help vessels comply with current and future climate legislation.

Lee Gannon, managing director at Flogas, explains: “There is great potential for LNG in the maritime industry as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional oil-based bunker fuels, but until now this potential has remained untapped here in the UK.”

MV Ireland Bunkers LNG at Bilbao

MV Ireland Bunkers LNG at Bilbao

“We’re looking forward to working with ABP and other prospective partners on future projects – especially as the popularity of LNG continues to gather pace in the maritime industry, in line with an increasing focus on reducing environmental impact,” Gannon continued.

Although only a limited number of ships currently bunker with LNG, demand is expected to grow rapidly as environmental regulations increasingly prohibit the use of polluting heavy fuel oils. Both Flogas and ABP see potential to replace thousands of tonnes of heavy fuel oil each year with cleaner, cost-effective LNG.

Mark Frith, port manager for ABP Immingham and Grimsby, adds: “We are proud to be a key part of this flagship operation, which has really put the UK on the map as the latest European hub for more climate-friendly bunkering. Demand is already beginning to shift away from oil across the international fleet, and we very much see natural gas taking its place as the marine fuel of choice. We look forward to welcoming increasing numbers of ships to Immingham as a result of our new and unique offering in partnership with Flogas.”

The new tanker-to-ship service provides the flexibility needed to service current demand, but as the LNG marine market grows, Flogas will invest in storage and bunkering facilities at ABP ports when required.

Source: ABP

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