Aspro Installs 5000th CNG Compressor

| Argentina, Buenos Aires

Aspro IODM 115 CompressorAspro, a global Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) compressor manufacturer based in Argentina, recently sold it’s 5,000th CNG compressor. Sold in May to a customer in it’s home nation, the compressor brings up a remarkable milestone for a company dedicated to technology specifically for the natural gas for transportation sector.

Aspro also reports that currently, almost 65% of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations in Argentina and 60% in Brazil are equipped with Aspro compressors. There are about 2,008 CNG stations operating in Argentina (Jul. 2016) and 1,754 in Brazil (Nov. 2015). Worldwide, the company has a 15 per cent stake, achieved from the sustained growth of exports and the work of the three subsidiaries with locations in 44 countries.

“Each of our facilities operates with modern equipment and production techniques that allow us to achieve the highest levels of quality in an increasingly competitive environment. Our engineering and development team continues to work on design projects that will result in the launch of new developments to provide solutions to each of our customers around the world,” Aspro’s Commercial Department said.

Aspro says significant market advantage is created by having control over the entire manufacturing chain: “In our case, to be integrated producers, we also manufacture spare parts and provide a constant technical assistance through our worldwide network of attention to the client, which is consistent with a high rate of effectiveness and acceptance of products”.

The company’s value-added service includes designing programs of preventive and predictive maintenance for the client, including calibrations and periodic checks to verify that both the teams and their systems of measurement, regulation and safety devices are working optimally; and ensuring product design satisfies local regulations.

Aspro is an NGV Global corporate sponsor.

(Source: Aspro)

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