Ariel & VNG Add Support to Call for Light Duty NGVs in US

| USA: Bala Cynwyd PA | Source: VNG.Co

Ariel at City-of-Columbus CNG West LLC in coordination with Ariel Corporation last week presented testimony to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and Environmental Protection Agency at public hearings for The Safer Affordable Fuel-Efficient (SAFE) Vehicles Rule Model Years 2021-2026 Passenger Cars and Light Trucks. This action supports NGVAmerica’s call for expand incentives for NGVs in the light-duty sector.

Robert Friedman, Chief Operating Officer of VNG, representing both companies, thanked the agencies for the opportunity to discuss the beneficial role that light-duty natural gas vehicles (NGVs) can play in the agencies’ joint fuel economy and emissions program.

The testimony described the emissions benefits of light-duty NGVs and the compelling reasons for the agencies to use the current rule-making to provide automakers with strong regulatory incentives for producing NGVs which are on par with those provided in the 2012 rule-making for the production of electric vehicles (EVs).

Market dynamics have changed since 2012. Pick-up and light truck market share has ballooned to 10 million new units sold each year. Use of renewable natural gas (i.e., biogas), which offers lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions reductions of 84% to 129%, has grown exponentially. The global NGV population has expanded unabated from 16 million to 26 million vehicles.  And, the appeal and impact of EVs remain uncertain, particularly with respect to light trucks for which there is no commercially competitive EV solution due to the weight and utility requirements of these vehicles.

NGVs are well-suited for light trucks and a win for all stakeholders.  For automakers, NGVs are a low-cost and proven solution protecting their most popular and profitable vehicle segment and unlocking a valuable alternative compliance pathway.  For consumers, NGVs offer an affordable vehicle option, preserve vehicle choice, while ensuring a lower cost and more stable-priced fuel.

For the agencies and the nation, NGVs help reduce petroleum imports and emissions, leverage our vast shale resources, and reduce the technology costs for greater emission improvements that can slow fleet turnover and leave the older and most polluting vehicles on the road longer.  NGVs are also a path to true energy independence and global energy leadership.  The US still imports about 50% of its oil needs due to US refinery limitations and transportation needs.

No other solution is as immediate and effective as NGVs. With this rule-making, the agencies can expand from a single solution pathway emphasizing EVs to a portfolio of solutions which includes NGVs, achieve one national standard, harmonization between the agencies, and greater reductions in petroleum imports and emissions.

Both members of NGVAmerica, VNG and Ariel will be submitting public comments as part of the rule-making process which will provide further information in support of NGVs.

Established in 1966 and headquartered in Mount Vernon, Ohio, Ariel Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of separable reciprocating gas compressors utilized by the global energy industry. As a world-class manufacturer, Ariel sets the industry standard through industry-leading research & development, expert design & manufacturing, and unmatched customer support.

VNG is a leading retail compressed natural gas fueling service provider. By offering its fueling services within gasoline stations, VNG supports the widespread use of light-duty NGVs by national and regional fleets, and eventually the mass-market consumer segment. VNG installs, maintains, monitors and operates its company-owned CNG fueling equipment, providing fleets with cost-effective, turnkey CNG fueling services.

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