Ariel Corporation’s CNG Compressor Training Goes Mobile

| USA, Mt. Vernon OH

Ariel Training TrailerAriel Corporation, U.S. manufacturer of reciprocating gas compressors for the international natural gas market, is extending it’s training from fixed facility workshops to the field. It has created the Ariel Mobile Training Lab: a 53-foot, semi-trailer classroom that will offer product and technical training to customers, distributors, and selected educational institutions; all taught by Ariel’s product training experts.

Classes are set-up in flexible modules that can be customized to meet individual customer needs. Seven workstations with individualized tool sets provide ample space for active student participation. The mobile lab also features a fully functioning Ariel JGJ/2 compressor mounted on an alignment stand, for hands-on training.

“The new mobile lab allows us to offer training in field locations, but in a well laid out setting much like our training center in Mount Vernon,” said Brett Parks, Sales and Distribution Development Manager. “We are looking forward to increasing the number of students we are able to reach who are unable to travel to Mount Vernon.”

(Source: Ariel Corporation)

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