Ariel Compressors to Deliver CNG for Major UPS Project

| USA, Mt. Vernon OH

ANGI Ariel CNG CompressorsThe 12 new Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) filling stations recently announced by UPS and being buit by TruStar are to be equipped with Ohio-made Ariel gas compressors packaged by ANGI Energy Systems. The combination of TruStar, ANGI and Ariel is not a new combination for UPS fleet operations, with TruStar being contracted to build 15 high capacity fueling stations for the logistics company nearly 12 months ago to the day.

“TruStar Energy is proud to use Ariel compressors exclusively for our station designs requiring 100 HP units or higher. Their quality and commitment to TruStar Energy and our customers is simply untouchable by any other compressor manufacturer. Our customers and TruStar Energy’s reputation rely on the quality of American-made Ariel compressors. Since 2009, we’ve fielded 160 Ariels for a reason: they have no equal,” said Jeffry Swertfeger, Director of Marketing, TruStar Energy.

The UPS $100 million project, incorporating 380 new CNG tractors in addition to the new stations, is part of that company’s ongoing commitment to diversify its fuel sources and reduce its environmental impact. UPS currently operates one of the largest private alternative fuel and advanced technology fleets in the United States. Its current fleet includes over 6,840 alternatively fueled vehicles.

UPS Tractor Trailer“We applaud UPS for its commitment to using abundantly available, domestically produced CNG as fuel for its corporate fleet,” said Robert Drews, Director of Marketing, Ariel Corporation. “Additionally, we appreciate TruStar’s selection of Ariel’s gas compression equipment for the project via ANGI, one of Ariel’s CNG Packaging Distribution Partners.”

Ariel Corporation offers separable reciprocating compressors engineered specifically for CNG. These compressors now feature ultra-low emission packings, which are used to reduce fugitive emissions at CNG stations.

“ANGI Energy Systems is proud to work with Ariel to help fulfill UPS’s commitment to diversify its fuel sources by using clean, domestic, abundant CNG,” said Jared Hightower, Vice President of Sales, ANGI Energy Systems. “By using CNG, UPS is setting a great example for other fleet-driven companies seeking better fuels.”

In addition to CNG applications, Ariel compressors are used throughout the world for a wide variety of energy applications. To date, over 53,000 Ariel compressors have been sold in more than 120 countries worldwide.

(Source: Ariel Compressors)

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