Argentoil S.A. Announces Approval of INFLEX Type 4 Cylinder

| Argentina

Argentoil Type IV CylinderArgentoil S.A., manufacturer of INFLEX cylinders, has been developing a lightweight type 4 cylinder over the past three years and has now gained NGV2:2007 certification, inspected and issued by the international certification entity, Bureau Veritas. The volume of the cylinders initially ranges from 60wl up to 155wl – equivalent to 13.7 GGE and 12 DGE, and will be extended to 250wl – equivalent to 22 GGE and 19.3DGE – in the short term.

The weight/volume ratio is below 40%, having a working pressure of 248 bar (3600 psi).

Argentoil says this makes it the only company in Latin America that manufactures type 1, type 2 and type 4. Over the past 45 years the company has sold more than 5 million cylinders in over 40 countries, without having experienced a single accident.

Information on this and other NGV-related products will be available from the Argentine NGV Association Stand, booth No 267 at ACT Expo in Washington next week.

(Source: Argentoil)

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