Argentina’s NGV Market Positive for 2016

| Argentina

Argentina CNG refuellingArgentina’s Chamber of Gas Equipment Producers (CAPEC) says approximately 150,000 vehicles were converted to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) in 2015. Based on figures provided by Enargas (National Gas Regulatory Authority) for 2014, that would lift the national CNG-powered fleet to more than 1.845 million vehicles.

Furthermore, according to an article published by Surtidores, CAPEC sees a bright future for growth this year with high expectations for the savings generated by the gas compared to liquid fuels. Hugo Lamy, president of CAPEC, says fifth generation CNG system technology is available and efficient, the fuel price is right and will maintain it’s advantage over liquid fuels, and Argentina’s new government is striving for financial stability and control of inflation.

And although previous governments have not actively promoted CNG for heavy transport, Lamy says the country is ready to embrace CNG for that purpose, especially given the global availability of HD natural gas fuel technology. He points out that industry is ready to act as soon as government decides to support the transformation.

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