App and Incentives Encourage CNG Conversions in Amazonas

| Brazil, Manaus

Brazi cigas CNG appBrazilian gas distributor Companhia de Gás do Amazonas (Cigás), based in Manaus, the capital of the state of Amazonas, has developed an app that will enable curious drivers to properly evaluate the benefits of investing in conversion of their vehicle to compressed natural gas (CNG). The Simulator Economy CNG app is available for iOS and Android.

The application calculates the economics of CNG compared to gasoline or ethanol. Furthermore, the tool estimates the return on investment for the installation kit, which ranges between BRL 4,000-5,000 (USD 1,135 – 1,420).

The application also indicates in map, the location of the six stations with CNG option in Manaus and the five workshop accredited by Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro) for system installation.

Cigás is promoting the uptake of natural gas vehicles through a ‘GNV, Doing More for You’ campaign. Up to the end of July 2015, owners of more than 220 vehicles took up the BRL 1,000 incentive to convert their vehicles to CNG.

(Source: Cigás)

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