APG Targets Military with Natural Gas Dual-Fuel Technology

| USA, Lynnfield MA

American Power Group Corporation’s subsidiary, American Power Group, Inc. (APG), a provider of natural gas conversion technology for aftermarket vehicular, stationary and off-road mobile diesel engines, has signed an agreement with The Horizon Strategies Group, LLC (HSG) for business development and sales support services to introduce APG’s turbocharged natural gas dual-fuel technology to the Department of Defense (“DoD”).

HSG is  a Washington D.C. based company that identifies emerging technologies  and matches them to the problems troubling government customers.  Most of the HSG team has spent a large portion of their careers working in the DoD and Intelligence Community and have a solid  understanding of the government customer.

Joshua Hartman, HSG’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Cuts to the Defense budget are forcing new solutions into our military infrastructure, while the DoD Green Initiatives and the rising cost of fuel have put a big target on the Department’s diesel consumption.  American Power Group’s technology will produce significant and tangible savings now.  We are excited about working with APG to help the U.S. military cope with these changing and difficult times.”

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated, “As reported by the DoD, last year their energy bills totaled approximately $20 billion and they consumed an estimated five billion gallons of petroleum. The DoD has ships, planes, vehicles, and generators designed to use one-hundred percent petroleum based fuels for the foreseeable future and are looking for an alternative fuel technology that is compatible with their existing equipment and storage infrastructure.  We believe APG’s natural gas conversion technology can become a viable solution in reducing the cost and emissions of diesel fuel used in all branches of the federal government.”

(This article compiled using information from an American Power Group Corporation press release)

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