APG Launches Pacific Northwest Dual-Fuel Initiative

| USA, Lynnfield MA
GloryBee CNG dual-fuel in USA

GloryBee runs CNG dual-fuel

American Power Group Corporation’s subsidiary, American Power Group, Inc. (APG), has signed two new Class 8 Authorized Dealers and Certified Installers to help launch APG’s dual-fuel technology in the Pacific Northwest. Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, says the development is supported by the expanding natural gas fueling infrastructure in the Pacific Northwest.

The two new APG Dealer/Installers are:

  • Truck Source which is located in Portland, Oregon and is a one-stop-shop for heavy-duty truck sales, service and parts.
  • Truck ‘N Travel which is a full service TA Travel Center located north of Eugene in Coburg, Oregon and operates a Class 8 truck compatible CNG natural gas fueling station.

APG’s first Pacific Northwest dual-fuel customer is GloryBee, a natural foods provider headquartered in Eugene, Oregon. GloryBee is dedicated to multiple sustainability practices to reduce energy usage and lower production of greenhouse gasses to minimize their carbon footprint.

Howard James, GloryBee’s Maintenance Manager stated, “In 2016, we added APG’s compressed natural gas (CNG) dual-fuel technology to two of our trucks running on a 20% biodiesel fuel mix. These dual-fuel trucks are expected to produce even cleaner fuel emissions and reduce additional greenhouse gases compared to our current straight biodiesel initiative. We have been very pleased with APG’s dual-fuel performance and expect to expand its adoption to additional trucks in our fleet.”

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer stated, “The natural gas fueling infrastructure is starting to expand in the Pacific Northwest and we look forward to supporting the region and GloryBee’s future sustainability objectives with more dual-fuel trucks. Existing Class 8 heavy-duty diesel trucks are a top contributor to poor air quality across the United States.”

Mr. Jensen added, “With the growing use of biodiesel fuel which the EPA estimates at 2.1 billion gallons in 2015, APG is positioned to enhance the environmental benefits of using CNG/LNG and biodiesel through the additional use of our natural gas turbocharged dual-fuel solutions.”

The two trucks converted for GloryBee by Truck ‘N Travel earlier this year were the first in Oregon to undergo conversion to CNG dual-fuel technology. The company said at the time its goal is to improve air quality as well as the cleanliness of its engines and thus extend truck longevity.

“These dual-fuel trucks operate with a separate CNG system that displaces up to 50% of the diesel used, but with the ability to run on full diesel if needed. Unlike gasoline and diesel fuel, natural gas is an abundant resource with a more dependable supply and lower prices to drive the developing market. Filling stations are popping up along the I-5 and other major highways to support the infrastructure for this technology and will help fellow CNG trucks save on fueling costs,” the press release continued.

“Our drivers have reported no loss of performance or power in these newly converted trucks and have even noticed a quieter ride. As an early adapter of this green and sustainable technology, we are motivated to continue down this path of alternative and renewable energy sourcing and encourage others to do the same.”

(Source: American Power Group and GloryBee)

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