APG Dual-Fuel Systems for Iowa’s HTC Severe Duty Gliders

| USA, Lynnfield MA
Freightliner Coronado Glider Kit - HTC

HTC Freightliner Coronado Glider Kit

American Power Group, Inc. (APG) has been selected by Harrison Truck Centers (HTC), Iowa, to provide APG’s Turbocharged Natural Gas® Dual Fuel System for HTC’s new dual-fuel heavy-duty and severe-duty glider kit product line launch. In collaboration with WheelTime Network’s Interstate Power Systems, HTC will install APG’s Dual Fuel systems and associated natural gas storage tanks at HTC’s glider kit production facility.

Target markets will include heavy-haul on-highway glider kits and HTC’s first severe-duty dual-fuel glider kits for the oil and gas, logging, and mining industries. The addition of APG’s Dual Fuel system capabilities will complement HTC’s existing dedicated natural gas engine product line.

A Freightliner Glider Kit is designed, engineered and assembled alongside new Freightliner trucks giving the prospective fleet owner everything a new truck offers except for two of the three main driveline components (engine, transmission, or rear axle). The fleet owner can either recapitalize any of the driveline components from their existing unit or specify a factory installed remanufactured engine or rear axle. Freightliner Glider Kits are available in day cab or sleeper units with options at a much lower cost compared to a new diesel truck. APG has 459 EPA engine family approvals covering a wide range of engine models that are eligible to be installed in glider kits.

Brian Harrison, Harrison Truck Center’s President and CEO stated, “We now have a viable mainstream solution to address the underserved high horsepower natural gas engine market.”

“We currently have two APG severe-duty glider trucks operating in some of the harshest oil and gas field environments in the U.S. and are experiencing great performance results and high up-time. Our marketing launch will start this spring with a Freightliner 122SD Severe-Duty Dual Fuel Glider Kit being displayed at several national truck, oil and gas and alternative fuel vehicular conferences. We expect dual-fuel gliders will be rolling off the production line by early-summer,” Harrison added.

Lyle Jensen, American Power Group’s Chief Executive Officer commented, “We continue to see a strong interest in on-highway dual-fuel glider kits across the U.S and are pleased to partner with Harrison Truck Centers to open up the severe duty vocational market with APG’s Dual Fuel solution.”

(Source: APG)

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