APG and Linde Agree to Accelerate Growth of LNG Dual-Fuel Applications


GreenMan Technologies, Inc.’s subsidiary American Power Group Inc. (APG) and Linde North America’s Energy Solutions business have established a formal business relationship to introduce and expand the use of liquefied natural gas (LNG) for APG retrofitted dual-fuel diesel engines in the oil and gas industry. 

“Our joint working relationship with APG enables oil and gas customers working in exploration and production to leverage the economic, environmental and operational benefits of LNG,” said Bryan Luftglass, head of strategic marketing and business development for Linde Energy Solutions.

Lyle Jensen, GreenMan’s President and Chief Executive Officer stated, “We are pleased that Linde has endorsed the expansion of our Turbocharged Natural Gas™ Systems in the oil & gas industry.  APG is having notable success in converting diesel engines and diesel pumps with well-head and pipeline gas but a majority of the rigs are not logistically close to these sources of fuel so LNG makes perfect sense. We look forward to working with Linde to address this growing market need. ”

APG and Linde will work together to offer end-use customers a comprehensive solution to use LNG in retrofitted dual-fuel engines safely, economically and efficiently. Areas of cooperation include LNG usage in applications such as diesel trucks transporting goods (water, sand, cement, piping, etc) and services to the sites, horizontal & vertical drilling diesel generators and high-pressure fracturing diesel pumps.

As part of their agreement, Linde and APG will evaluate expansion of LNG applications to other fields. LNG is an economical alternative to diesel. It can be sourced domestically, is recognized for its lower air emissions and prices are predicted to remain stable as new technologies enable extraction from vast natural gas reserves.

(This article compiled using information from GreenMan Technologies Inc.  and Linde press releases)

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