APG Adds Cummins ISX 14.9L to IUL Approvals List

| USA, Lynnfield MA

Yet another U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) intermediate useful life (IUL) engine approval has been gained by American Power Group Corporation subsidiary American Power Group, Inc. (APG), this time for the Cummins ISX 14.9L 2013 to 2005.

The online notification of the Clean Alternative Fuel Vehicle and Engine Conversion Submission approval was received October 13. The submission utilized APG’s V5000 Dual Fuel Turbocharged Natural Gas® technology which is required to meet specific design, componentry and emission compliance criteria per the EPA Final Rule 40CFR Parts 85 and 86. Thirteen Cummins ISX 14.9L engine families became APG’s fourth IUL approval covering Selective Catalyst Reduction (SCR) engine technology which meets or exceeds the current 2010 EPA OEM certified engine emission standards.

APG leads the industry with 487 OUL and IUL approvals covering six of the top OEM engine platforms including and industry record 31 IUL approvals for 2013-2010 OEM engine families with SCR engine technology.

(Source: APG)

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