Another CNG-Powered Emergency Vehicle for Bossier

| USA, Madison AL

Excellance-made Bossier EMS CNG-powered vehicleExcellance, Inc., a family-owned manufacturer of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) in Alabama, has completed another Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) unit for Bossier City Fire Department. Bossier City’s switch to CNG has saved over $7,000 per vehicle in fuel costs annually. Excellance’s CNG vehicles get up to 7 miles a gallon, compared to 3½ miles on a standard diesel truck.

As reported by EMS World, CNG units burn cleaner, so they’re great for the environment but they are also great economically, boasting significantly lower fuel costs compared to standard gasoline and diesel engines.

Cities that are rich in compressed natural gas or that have CNG fueling potential may be eligible to receive custom units like Bossier City’s soon.

Bossier City Fire Dept - 2016 Ford F-650 CNG ambulanceExcellance successfully completed the development, design and construction of the world’s first Ford QVM approved CNG ambulance in 2014. This CNG powered ambulance, also custom-built for the City of Bossier City Fire Department in Louisiana, features a medium-duty Ford F-650 chassis with lower fueling costs, saving a minimum of 50% over gas and diesel powered engines.

In February 2016, Bossier Chief of EMS, Jeff Watson, explained the city’s rationale for switching to CNG service units: “There are different ones [EMS vehicles] out there that use bi-fuels which run off gas [gasoline] for a little while and run off of CNG. Ours are totally CNG and they are totally dependent on it. The generator runs off CNG and the actual motor runs off CNG. From our city’s perspective, ambulances are one of the busiest vehicles and used the most fuel in the city and that is why they wanted to make sure that we start using those as soon as we could.”

Excellance is at Pinnacle 2017, an event for EMS leaders, which is on now in Boca Raton, FL.

Sources: EMS World and Excellance, Inc.

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