Ankai Uses ‘Silk Road’ Rail to Deliver CNG Buses to Central Asia

| China, Hefei

Ankai 8.5m buses headed for Kazakhstan (1)Chinese bus manufacturer Ankai took advantage of the recently opened international freight railroad linking China with Europe — part of China’s “One Belt One Road” (OBOR) economic and strategic policy and the modern equivalent of the ‘Silk Road’ —  to deliver 70 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to Kazakhstan.

The entire journey, from Hefei through Xinjiang Urumqi to Kazakhstan’s capital city of Astana, is about 5 000 kms.

As an important hub for the OBOR, Kazakhstan’s Central Asian soil is of great significance to Ankai Buses. Kazakhstan will be used as an important market for Ankai passenger vehicles to radiate into Central Asia.

Ankai 8.5m buses headed for Kazakhstan (2)

Kazakhstan belongs to a cold-temperate continental climate with an average winter temperature of -25°C, with a maximum low of -47°C. In order to conquer the snow-covered “zombie” soil, Ankai gas buses must have sufficient performance in terms of power and cold-proof configuration. The buses are equipped the world’s leading fuel heaters, double-glazed glass and other “warm-proof artifacts” to ensure the good use of vehicles in cold weather.

Source: Anhui Ankai Automobile Co., Ltd.

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