ANGVA Reports on Myanmar CNG Forum

| Myanmar

ANGVAANGVA co-organised the 1st Myanmar CNG For Transport, Industry and Power Forum in Yangon late June, and reports the event was attended by 137 delegates including 38 from overseas. The event was officiated by His Excellency Minyt Swe, the Chief Minister of Yangon Region. Some highlights from the Report are listed below.

  • There are currently 27,756 natural gas vehicles (NGV) and 45 stations (including daughter stations) in Myanmar. 97% of NGVs are found in Yangon (formerly Rangoon), once the former capital city of Myanmar and now capital of Yangon Region.
  • Myanmar has both onshore and offshore natural gas production. From the onshore production of 65 mmscfd, 29% is used for transportation. There is no spare capacity.
  • About 79% of offshore production, of 1,530 mmscfd, is exported to Thailand with the remainder used for power generation or industry. Offshore gas is high in nitrogen.
  • Full implementation of the NGV program commenced in 2004, with testing and trials starting as early as 1986. Further development is now dependent on obtaining nitrogen-cleansed offshore gas.
  • The event included visits to Myanmar Oil & Gas Enterprise (MOGE)’s NGV refuelling station and CNG Cylinder Recertification Centre.
  • Cylinders must be re-certified after 5 years.

The full Myanmar Forum report is available on the ANGVA website at

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