ANGVA Reports on Indonesian Go Gas 2011 Forum

| Indonesia | Source: ANGVA

Technical Tour to Pertamina's CNG station at Jalan Pemuda

The Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association reports that 122 local and 59 overseas delegates attended the conference and technical tour of the Go Gas 2011 Forum, held in Jakarta early December. The Forum’s objectives included revitalization of the CNG/NGV Programme in Indonesia, supporting the government programmes of reducing consumption of gasoline and diesel, reducing emissions from the transport sector, and stimulating the development and growth of gas-related businesses in the country.

Keynote speaker Ms. Karen Agustiawan, President and CEO of Pertamina, stated the company will be constructing additional NGV stations in Jakarta and is ready to be appointed the lead agency to implement the NGV programme in Indonesia.

It was also highlighted at the Forum that the government plans to convert around 100,000 public transport and government vehicles to NGV by end of 2012. The National Energy Council is coordinating related stakeholders to control implementation of Ministry of Energy Decree No. 19/2010 toward Gaseous Fuel Utilization for Transport Sector and Decree No. 2932 K/MEM/12/2010 toward The Price of Gaseous Fuel which is utilized for the Transport Sector in Jakarta.

Forum participants were reported to have learned much from other countries in term of market development and technology application, while overseas participants gaining firsthand information and insight into the current and future plans of NGV in Indonesia.

The Forum was jointly organized by local non-governmental organization KPBB and CNG Association of Indonesia (also representing ANGVA as co-organiser) with strong support from the Indonesian National Energy Council and key Indonesian ministries, departments, and agencies (including the City of Jakarta and PERTAMIN.

The full report, prepared by Lee Giok Seng, Executive Director, ANGVA is available here.

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