ANG System Captures Farm Generated Gas for Transport and Other Applications

| USA, Fremont CA

Cenergy Solutions stored gas in ThailandCenergy Solutions, Inc. has entered into an agreement to use its proprietary Adsorbent Natural Gas (ANG) Storage System to capture biogas that is being vented at several pig farms in Thailand. The low pressure storage system provides opportunity to economically store, transport and utilize renewable biogas, for which one of the potential uses is vehicle fuel.

It is estimated that over 1 trillion cubic meters of biogas is vented or flared each year from farms (30 million in China) that generate biogas but do not have the ability to store and utilize all the biogas they make.

Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Systems will give rural inhabitants the ability to not only store, transport and utilize their biogas, but the potential to become energy independent by using their renewable biogas to cook, heat, run generators and operate farm and over the road vehicles of all sizes.

Cenergy Solutions captures biogas in Thailand

The technology to use adsorbents to store methane gas has been in development by many companies around the world for the last 25 years. Cenergy Solutions has made significant ANG technological advancements in the last four years and is now bringing their patent pending ANG technology to market in many applications around the world.

“This partnership with a rural farm will pave the way for farms around the world to utilize their renewable biogas that is now being wasted. Cenergy Solutions’ ANG Storage Systems can now store and utilize this energy instead of releasing it into the atmosphere,” says Gary Fanger the CEO/CTO of Cenergy Solutions, Inc.

Cenergy Solutions’ proprietary ANG technology helps make natural gas and biogas, a renewable energy economically available for individuals, communities, power/manufacturing plants, vehicles, wellhead storage and virtual pipelines to facilitate cleaner air and improved economy and energy independence.

Source: Cenergy Solutions

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