ANG Opens CNG Station in Mid Tennessee

| USA, Fayetteville TN

ANG Fayetteville_Station TNAmerican Natural Gas (ANG), a premier distributor of alternative motor fuels in the USA, held a ribbon cutting ceremony in collaboration with Tennessee Clean Fuels to unveil its new public compressed natural gas (CNG) station in Fayetteville, Tennessee.

PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division will be a major customer with its fleet of CNG tractor-trailers. The facility will also be open for public refueling of natural gas vehicles (NGVs). With round-the-clock operation, the fast-fill Fayetteville station has three consumer-friendly dispensers equipped with NGV2 nozzles to optimize the experience for heavy-duty, high-capacity users, as well as NGV1 nozzles for light and medium-duty use.

“At ANG, we’re committed to building better stations, serving our customers, and introducing the power of CNG to new communities across the country,” said Drew West, chief executive officer of ANG, who also acknowledged Frito-Lay for its “distinguished leadership and commitment to moving the alternative fuel industry forward.”

“CNG has so many benefits: it reduces greenhouse gas and criteria pollutant emissions, supports growing more green American jobs, and reduces oil imports – don’t forget that we are still roughly 20% dependent on countries like OPEC member-states for overseas oil,” said Jonathan Overly, director of Tennessee Clean Fuels.

West and Overly were joined in the opening statements and ribbon cutting ceremony by:

– Ken Marko, Senior National Fleet Sustainability Manager, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Division
– Pat Marsh, Tennessee General Assembly
– Britt Dye, Chief Executive Officer, Fayetteville Public Utilities
– Carolyn Denton, Director, Fayetteville-Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce

“Having a national infrastructure for alternative fuel is critical to the expansion of Frito-Lay’s CNG fleet and for other companies currently using or considering this technology,” added Ken Marko, senior national fleet sustainability manager, PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay division.


Cody Butterworth, LD&T associate from Frito-Lay’s Fayetteville traffic center, and Brent Tesla, vice president of operations at ANG, demonstrated how straightforward CNG fueling is with one of Frito-Lay’s tractor-trailers. The truck was connected to a 3600 PSI nozzle and fueling continued like it would at a typical gas station. A fast-fill operation, ANG’s station allows operators to fuel in minutes.

ANG’s CNG Network

ANG currently owns and operates approximately 40 fueling stations in 13 states across the United States, inclusive of stations in process and under development. The company is expanding to meet fleets’ demands for CNG, the cleanest burning alternative fuel available that has the power to run heavy-duty vehicles. CNG is also quieter, safer, less expensive and abundant in America. Vehicles that run on natural gas generally emit 13 to 21 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than vehicles that run on gasoline.

Source: American Natural Gas

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