ANG and Direct Energy Join Forces to Expand Fleet CNG Gas Station Development

| USA, Saratoga Springs, NY & Pittsburgh, PA

American Natural Gas, LLC (ANG), a subsidiary of ANG Holding, Inc., and Direct Energy Business have entered into a relationship that brings together a compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling station provider and one of the largest commercial retail energy suppliers in North America. The relationship is expected to assist ANG with CNG station development throughout the United States.

The agreement provides that ANG will furnish, and in most instances, own all necessary station infrastructure for clients identified by both Direct Energy Business and ANG. Direct Energy Business will lead marketing efforts and a client acquisition strategy, provide natural gas and electric commodities to the fueling stations, and identify the optimal commodity contract terms for a client’s desired CNG output pricing structure. The two companies will work together to structure tailored gas agreements.

Drew West, founder and CEO of ANG, stated, “The relationship we have developed with Direct Energy Business allows us to expand our station rollout strategy while being able to offer both companies’ current and future clients a turnkey CNG fueling solution. Furthermore, with Direct Energy Business now being able to offer a complete CNG fueling solution, we will be positioned to have one of the most expansive networks of publically accessible, heavy-duty CNG stations throughout the United States within the next three years.”

Kenneth Diel, head of gas solutions for Direct Energy Business, stated, “This [CNG fueling] solution will provide our fleet customers with a cleaner and less expensive alternative to diesel and gasoline.”

(Source: ANG)

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