Alt-Fuel Opportunities in BC Cleantech Funding

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GFS dual-fuel Cat Haul TrucksIn British Columbia, the BC Innovation Council (BCIC) has entered into a Trusted Partnership with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) that will fuel cleantech innovation in BC’s energy, mining and forestry sectors. As stated on the NRCan website, alternative-fuelled vehicle projects qualify for inclusion.

As a result of this partnership, BCIC will help accelerate the ability of BC cleantech projects to access Clean Growth Program funds for technology research and development (R&D) and demonstration. NRCan recently announced the $155-million Clean Growth Program that will fund clean technology projects, with the goal of advancing clean technologies towards commercial readiness.

In order to qualify for Clean Growth Program funds, projects must have already secured financial or in-kind contributions from provinces or territories by the full proposal stage. This Trusted Partnership — which includes exchanging project details, market information and best practices — will help us facilitate co-funding opportunities between the BCIC Ignite funding program and NRCan’s Clean Growth Program.

Clean Growth – Focus Area 1

The funding opportunity lies within Focus Area 1: Reducing Greenhouse Gas and Air Emissions from Natural Resource Operations, mainly for the Mining sector but with possibilities in both the Energy and Forestry sectors.

Approximately 290 megatonnes (Mt) or 40% of Canada’s GHG emissions resulted from natural resource operations (2014). By 2026, projects funded under this Focus Area will contribute up to 0.7 Mt of direct GHG reductions and other air emissions per year (assumes funded projects advance to ongoing, full capacity production by 2026 (five years following project completion, and the end of the reporting period).

By 2030, the Clean Growth Program for this Focus Area expects natural resource operations will lead industries in emissions reductions, driving Canada towards its target of 523 Mt, and establish new revenue streams through emissions capture and use.

Since 2016, BCIC Ignite has awarded more than $2.5 million to industry-driven academic research projects in the natural resources and applied sciences. We are excited by the potential for these projects to further leverage federal funds and advance emerging technologies that will help natural resource operations reduce their environmental impacts, enhance competitiveness, create jobs and grow the economy.

Source: Natural Resources Canada

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