Alpine Waste Opens Base Refuelling Station, Reaps Benefits of CNG

| USA, Commerce City CO

Alpine President John Griffith Announces the Ribbon Cutting

In partnership with California-based Clean Energy Fuels Corp., Alpine Waste & Recycling has become the biggest privately held company in Colorado to install and use an on-site, natural gas fueling station. Alpine took delivery of its first natural gas truck two years ago and now has eight trucks that will fill up every night at the new fueling station on East 84th Avenue in Commerce City. By the end of this year, Alpine anticipates that it will convert about 30 percent of its fleet to natural gas and eventually, every pump will be occupied every night, as Alpine converts to 100 percent natural gas.

“The more committed that we become to natural gas, the more clearly we have seen its benefits,” said John Griffith, president of Alpine Waste. “Alpine’s natural gas trucks burn fuel more cleanly and more quietly, and it is a Colorado resource, meaning that we are helping the state’s economy.”

Alek Orloff, Alpine’s chief financial officer noted financial benefits in the conversion to natural gas. “We can let the trucks refuel overnight, without human monitoring, and we anticipate that we will save Alpine more than $140,000 a year.”

Alpine has more than 50 vehicles in its fleet, and Orloff said the transition to natural gas will take place gradually over several years, as older trucks become phased out.

This article compiled using information from an Alpine Waste & Recycling press release.


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