Alexey Miller Defines Gazprom’s Commitment to Natural Gas Fuel

| Czech Republic, Prague | Source: NGVRUS

Gazprom entered an MB B-Klasse NGT for the Blue Corridor promo-rally in Germany.

Alexey Borisovich Miller, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chairman of the Management Committee (CEO) of Russian energy company Gazprom, Russia’s largest company and the world’s biggest natural gas producer, addressed the European Business Congress conference on “Environmental Challenges and the energy sector”, in Prague at the start of June, writes NGVRUS. There, he spoke of Gazprom’s intention: “… we plan to promote the development of the European market of [natural] gas fuel, increase efficiency and popularity of projects related to the creation of a European network of fueling stations.”

Miller continued: “The increasing use of motor vehicles, the tightening of legislation in the field of ecology, as well as a move by the EU to the Euro-6 standard, will give new impetus to the use of natural gas as a transportation fuel, especially in freight transport. Depending on the decisions that are taken today, European demand for natural gas as fuel can be achieved by 2030, of 80 billion m3, which is approximately 10 times greater than current consumption.”

Addressing the European Union’s pollution-reduction plans, Miller added: “But natural gas as the cleanest hydrocarbon fuel is ideally suited to address the ambitious environmental goals in Europe and in the field of transport and other sectors. Modern vehicles running on natural gas, reduces CO2 emissions by 20-25% compared to gasoline vehicles. Given the likelihood of further tightening of environmental regulations, as well as through more complete combustion of methane, this kind of vehicle is an effective long-term solution.”

Against a backdtrop of high oil prices he described natural gas as an economically rational solution for the transport industry.

Miller finished by saying “We believe that the theme of Natural Gas Vehicle must take its rightful place in the debate on the future European energy sector, to which we are called upon at the outset. Gazprom is going to do its utmost for the future of NGV vehicles.”

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