ALDI South Field-testing Iveco Natural Gas Trucks in Germany

| Germany: Mülheim an der Ruhr

ALDI SOUTH launches long-term test with natural gas trucksThe ALDI SÜD group of companies in Germany’s west is testing four natural gas trucks in daily goods traffic. Over a period of five years, it will be shown to what extent the climate-friendly drive technology can be used as an alternative to diesel models. The natural gas trucks operate in the catchment area of ​​four ALDI SÜD regional companies.

In each case, they support the transport of goods between the ALDI SÜD logistics centers and branches in the vicinity of Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich. “The test follows the guidelines of our climate protection policy, which stipulates that we consistently save CO 2 emissions in our own operations,” explains Andreas Kremer, Head of Logistics Management at ALDI SÜD.

The test takes place in agglomerations where the limit values ​​for nitrogen oxides have been exceeded many times. Each natural gas truck supplies on average about five to eight branches per day. “To reach the natural gas filling stations that are available regionally and for trucks without detours is a great challenge,” says Andreas Kremer. “In Germany, only about six percent of gas stations offer natural gas – and not all can be used with semi-trailers.”

Benefits for ALDI

The use of natural gas trucks promises many advantages. Using fossil natural gas reduces CO 2 emissions by about 16 percent compared to a diesel truck. In addition, the test vehicles generate 99 percent less particulate matter, 70 percent less nitrogen oxides and significantly less noise.

IVECO Stralis NP trucks have been selected for the project. The 400 hp trucks are 16.5 meters long with semi-trailers and can be fueled with up to 130 kilograms of compressed natural gas (CNG). They manage with about 22 kilograms of CNG per 100 kilometers. “We are pleased to be able to test a climate-friendly technology alongside ALDI SÜD as a partner from the retail sector, thus making a contribution to the protection of our environment,” says Sönke Weichenthal, Business Director at IVECO.

Two of the semi-trailers were produced by Schmitz Cargobull AG from Horstmar and two by Göttinger Karosseriewerk Heinrich Meyer GmbH. The transport refrigeration systems for cooling the goods, also powered by the natural gas engine of the tractor unit, come from the Frigoblock Grosskopf GmbH in Essen.

Source: ALDI SÜD

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