Air Liquide Opens Third LNG Station in France

| France, Duttlenheim

Air Liquide LCNG Station in DuttlenheimAir Liquide has continued its efforts to develop the network of natural gas fueling stations across France with the inauguration of its third multi-energy clean-fuel station devoted to road transportation, in Duttlenheim, in the country’s northeast. This new station can refuel vehicles with compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG), produced in part from biomethane which is a clean and renewable energy.

Air Liquide opened its second LNG station on October 7, in Lesquin in northern France, and the first was opened in Fléville-devant-Nancy, about 350 km east of Paris, in June. The company designed all three stations, operates the infrastructure, and distributes the fuel.

Air Liquide LNG refuelingTrucks with urban and interurban delivery routes can run on CNG and LNG, which have several major advantages. Firstly, they are clean energies that help to reduce particulate and CO2 emissions, particularly when the CNG and LNG are made from biomethane. They are also more economical energies, with a cost per kilometer that can be lower than diesel.

Air Liquide and Auchan Retail France jointly operate the station and, just like the Lesquin and Fléville-devant-Nancy stations, is open to every company in the region. This latest opening is part of Air Liquide’s strategy to promote clean transportation, and adds to the 48 CNG stations already operated by FordonsGas, a 100%-owned subsidiary of the group, in Sweden.

(Source: Air Liquide)

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