Aguascalientes Launches 55 CNG Buses under Project YOVOY

| Mexico: Aguascalientes | Source: Government of Aguascalientes

YoVoy CNG Bus in AquascalientesGovernor Martín Orozco Sandoval of the State of Aguascalientes in Central Mexico has launched the YOVOY (tr. “I go”) Mobility Project which has brought into force 55 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses for public transportation. The new buses are expected to reduce air pollutants by up to 1,000 tons each year (as stated by the Secretariat of Sustainability, Environment and Water of the State (SSMAA)).

The head of the agency, Alfredo Alonso Ruiz Esparza, said that this progress in the modernization of public transport is also an effort to generate benefits to the environment, as they reduce emissions of smoke, monoxide and carbon dioxide.

Orozco said “this project is designed primarily for the benefit of the inhabitants of the state and their families, as it seeks to speed up the transfer times and encourage family time together, in a framework of security and sustainable development.”

He explained that the future new urban truck units are expected to operate under stricter pollution controls or international standards, such as the Euro 5 Standard, to ensure that in the medium or long term they do not emit large quantities of pollutants in the air of Aguascalientes.

Yo Voy CNG Buses for Aquascalientes

He also called on citizens to make greater use of the public transport system to enhance the reduction of pollutant emissions. It is estimated that private vehicles emit 625 thousand tons of polluting gases every year, so the more people take advantage of the CNG-powered transportation the greater the reductions that can be achieved.

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