AES Dominicana Plans LNG Bunkering for Caribbean and Latin America

| Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo

Dominican Republic - AES LNG terminal and proposed bunkering siteAES Dominicana, an affiliate of AES Corporation and provider of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG)-powered electricity generation in the Dominican Republic, has launched LNG trans-shipment and LNG bunkering services for the Caribbean, Central and South America, leveraging the company’s world-class LNG receiving and storage terminal and fuel handling capability located in the AES Andrés energy park.

“AES Dominicana aims to become a regional trans-shipment hub in order to provide cost effective energy solutions to fuel consumers in the Caribbean, Central and South America,” stated Edwin De Los Santos, President of AES Dominicana.

Work has begun to re-configure the existing AES Andres LNG receiving terminal for LNG re-loads onto vessels between 10,000km-60,000km, expected to be completed in Q3 2016. The combination of AES Dominicana’s ability to procure competitively priced LNG and the capability to deliver small loads of LNG allow for cost effective gas conversion solutions for smaller-load fuel consumers in the region.

The facility is also located along many shipping routes ideally positioned to provide LNG bunkering services to vessel owners and operators who are increasingly drawn to LNG as a propulsion fuel. Work has also begun on the vessel bunkering infrastructure.

(Source: AES Dominicana)

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