ADNOC Prepares Arabian Gulf’s Largest CNG Filling Station

| UAE, Abu Dhabi

ADNOC CNG StationADNOC Distribution, a UAE Government-owned company specialized in the marketing and distribution of petroleum products, recently opened the Mahawi North multi-fuel service station, which will soon offer compressed natural gas (CNG) for vehicles. Once set up, it will be the Arabian Gulf’s largest natural gas for vehicles (NGV) service station.

The new station will be the main CNG provider to the wider service station network of ADNOC Distribution. The station’s planned pumping capacity is 2,850 cubic meters per hour.

Saeed Mubarak Al Rashdi, Acting Chief Executive Officer of ADNOC Distribution, said: “ADNOC Distribution’s CNG stations are helping Abu Dhabi to reduce the carbon footprint of private, business and government vehicles while also providing customers an efficient and cost-effective solution for running their vehicles. Through our expansion of NGV network, we are playing our full part in helping the Abu Dhabi government meet its target to require 25 per cent of government vehicles to run on low-emissions CNG in line with Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030.”

Al Rashdi added: “The provision of infrastructure that will encourage the spread of clean energy vehicles, particularly compressed natural gas, is one of the key elements of ADNOC’s distribution strategy to support Abu Dhabi’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions for vehicles.”

The new station will raise the number of NGV-enabled service stations in Abu Dhabi emirate to 31 by the end of this year. The current expansion builds on ADNOC Distribution’s opening of 7 new NGV stations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in 2016: with the total number of NGV service stations in Abu Dhabi, Al-Ain and the Western Region now totalling 28, Abu Dhabi already has the largest number of stations servicing gas-powered vehicles in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.

ADNOC Distribution’s focused marketing campaigns and successful ongoing expansion of supporting NGV infrastructure led to a 50 per cent increase in Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) usage in the Abu Dhabi emirate in 2016. With over 5,500 NGV-converted vehicles now being run in Abu Dhabi, this figure constitutes the highest number of such vehicles among all of the Emirates of the UAE.

Natural Gas for Transportation part of UAE’s future energy plans

In November 2016, Abu Dhabi’s integrated oil and gas company, ADNOC, unveiled its new Gas Master Plan the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC). The plan aims to ensure a sustainable and economic supply of gas to meet the growing energy requirements of Abu Dhabi and ADNOC’s international customers. At that time, Omar Suwaina Al Suwaidi, ADNOC Gas Management Director, said: “ADNOC is exploring a number of options to make more gas available for higher priority applications, maintain a sustainable gas supply, and meet Abu Dhabi’s increasing gas demand in the future”.

Speaking at a panel session on ‘Future Energy Scenario: Gas As The Clean Alternative of Choice’, Al Suwaidi discussed the use of natural gas as a clean energy bridge to the future, including how the energy and automotive industries can work together to further enhance the cross over in innovation and technology to increase the use of natural gas as a fuel for public and private transport.

(Source: ADNOC)

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