ACT Expo 2011 – Features Strong NGV Presence

| USA, Long Beach CA

Freightliner M2 112 LNG

May 4-7, Long Beach, California.

At the forthcoming ACT Expo 2011 in May, organisers will present the USA’s latest information and products in the advanced clean vehicle technology and alternative fuel transportation sector, highlighting the alternative fuel opportunities for fleet owners to reduce costs, operate more efficiently and reduce environmental impact. The agenda includes an impressive lineup of natural gas OEMs, fleet operators and service providers.

President and Chief Executive Officer of Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), Martin Daum, will provide the keynote address. DTNA will bring several advanced technology truck platforms for display and Ride & Drive, including a compressed natural gas (CNG) Freightliner Cascadia, a Freightliner M2 liquefied natural gas tractor (LNG), and a variety of other CNG, LNG, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, and electric vehicles.

ACT Expo has assembled some of the nation’s largest fleet operators to discuss not only the investments they have made in alternative fuels and fuel efficiency measures, but to present real world cost information based upon their experiences. While oil this week broke USD 105 barrel, maintaining upward pressure on gasoline and diesel prices, natural gas continues to offer price stability based on abundant domestic availability.

Some of the agenda highlights include:

• United Parcel Service (UPS) – Mike Britt, Director of Maintenance & Engineering; Ground Fleet will discuss the company’s recent order of 48 LNG class-8 heavy-duty tractors and partnership to develop a new public access LNG refueling station in Las Vegas. He will also review the company’s “rolling laboratory” approach to alternative fuel vehicle technologies.

• Paper Transport – Jeff Shefchick, President will review the company’s ultra-successful class-8 natural gas tractor project where CNG-powered Freightliners are hauling freight more than 130,000 miles a year between Green Bay and Chicago. Saving around $2.00 per diesel gallon, Paper Transport will speak of it’s continued investment in additional natural gas powered trucks.

• Ryder – Scott Perry, Group Director – Vehicle Supply Management will present an overview of the company’s groundbreaking commercial truck rental and leasing program that will deploy nearly 250 heavy-duty LNG and CNG trucks into the market, supported by two new LNG/LCNG refueling stations in Ryder’s yards. Scott will not only discuss the company’s cutting-edge project, but how these efforts are satisfying increased customer demand for trucks that have lower operating costs and better environmental performance.

• Chesapeake Energy Corporation – Tim Denny, Vice President will provide an update on the company’s aggressive project to deploy 5,000 light and medium-duty natural gas vehicles throughout the company’s operating fleet. Tim will review how this project is not only helping to influence the production of new AFV technology in the marketplace, but how the company’s strategic partnerships are helping to build a comprehensive refueling network to support these company vehicles and other regional NGV users.

The full conference agenda and additional details are available here.

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