Achievement Recognises City for Waste-to-Fuel Initiative

| USA. Grand Junction CO

Persigo Grand Junction CO - biogas plantThe City Council for Grand Junction, Colorado, is the recipient of the prestigious 2015 NGV (Natural Gas Vehicle) Achievement Award which recognizes outstanding contributions to the advancement of natural gas as a vehicle fuel. The City received the award late last month during the NGVAmerica conference in Denver.

The City began making strategic moves toward energy conservation in 2007 with the adoption of a resolution. Planning for the biogas-to-CNG (compressed natural gas) conversion project at the wastewater treatment plant began even earlier. The biogas-to-CNG project, which is the first of its kind in the United States, has garnered much national attention and media coverage, leading up to the presentation of this award. The project converts biomethane from the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant to natural gas that is piped to the City’s CNG fueling facilities and used to fuel the CNG fleet.

Public Works Director Greg Lanning states, “It’s amazing to me to think that what was once considered a waste product is now being used to fuel vehicles. This award is a testament to the forward thinking councils, boards and staffs over the years that took this project from concept to reality.”

The City CNG fleet currently includes 32 vehicles with 9 more on order. Mesa County GVT buses are also converting to CNG and are being fueled at the City’s CNG fueling station. Since 2011, the City has realized fuel savings equivalent to $600,000 as a result of the effort.

(Source: City of Grand Junction)

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