Abu Dhabi City Municipality Adds 150 CNG-powered Vehicles

| UAE, Abu Dhabi

The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has added 150 natural gas-powered vehicles to its environment-friendly fleet as part of its strategic plan aimed conserving the environment, using clean energy sources, and measuring up to the international standards and requirements of sustainability.

Othman Mohammed Sharif Fulathi, Director of Facilities and Security, Abu Dhabi City Municipality, said: “The new vehicles, powered by compressed natural gas (CNG), have been fitted with this technology in cooperation with the rental company (Lease Plan) specialized in fleet management solutions, under the supervision of ADNOC company. A large number of these vehicles have actually been fitted and a large portion of them have been deployed in service as of 20 April, and by 18 May, all of them will be up and running.

On August 1, 2013, the Municipality deployed 25 environment-friendly CNG-powered vehicles to its vehicles and plants fleet. A clearly defined plan has been mapped out for uplifting the number of environment-friendly vehicles in a record manner. The Municipality will continue with this improvement project till achieving advanced levels of using eco-friendly fuels.

“This initiative, rolled out by the Facilities and Security Division, Abu Dhabi City Municipality in the context of the Municipality’s policy and endeavours to live up to the international environmental standards (ISO 14001, and ISO 50001), and fits well with the drive of Abu Dhabi Government to conserve the environment and achieve sustainable development as this project contributes to minimizing the carbon footprint,  and raising environmental awareness of the community.

“Likewise other vehicles and plants operating in the fleet of Abu Dhabi City Municipality, these vehicles are fitted with a GPS tracking system to track the vehicle’s movement with a view to reducing consumption and ensuring the optimal use of vehicles. The plan also envisages holding awareness workshop about environment-friendly vehicles targeting employees and users of these vehicles in a bid to elucidate the government policy and drive in this field, besides familiarizing them with the eco-friendly vehicles in general and natural gas-powered vehicles in particular.”

(Source: Abu Dhabi City Municipality)

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