91 RNG Trucks to Join Seattle’s Solid Waste Pickup Fleet

| USA: Seattle WA | Source: City of Seattle

Seattle Public Utilities - WM Fleet RNGSeattle Public Utilities (SPU) has rolled out the City’s fossil fuel-free, primary collection fleet. The “Green Fleet” will be made up of close to 200 contractor trucks powered by electricity, renewable natural gas and renewable diesel. The Green Fleet, which includes 91 Waste Management trucks powered by renewable natural gas (RNG) – gas from garbage – will further establish Seattle as a model for US cities in combating climate change.

“Meeting our 2050 carbon-neutral goal will require creative thinking from every corner of our City. Our new Green Fleet at Seattle Public Utilities is another example of Seattle leading the world and taking bold action to protect our communities from the impacts of climate change,” said Mayor Jenny A. Durkan. “Vehicle emissions are the City’s number one contributor to our greenhouse gas emissions.”

“As a national leader in green solid waste services, Seattle Public Utilities is committed to cleaner air, achieved in part by green fuels and less emissions,” says Mami Hara, General Manager of Seattle Public Utilities. “We thank our solid waste partners, Recology and Waste Management, and our customers, for their shared commitment to protect our environment.”

RNG, which fuels 91 Waste Management (WM) trucks in the fleet, begins as a biogas when trash decays in landfills. WM cleans the gas and loads it into the national pipeline system. RNG is better for the environment because it is not a fossil fuel and it generates dramatically lower emissions – 70% lower than traditional diesel and 65% lower than CNG. The EPA classifies RNG as a renewable fuel.

The RNG trucks have state of the art engines that produce near-zero or ultra-low emissions, further reducing impacts from Seattle’s fleets.

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