55 117 Swedish NGVs

| Sweden, Stockholm

Sweden traffic imageVehicles powered by natural gas are increasing in number in Sweden, reports Energigas, the Swedish Gas Association. By the end of 2017, 55 117 gas vehicles were registered. Of these were 2 533 buses, 854 heavy vehicles and the remaining passenger cars and vans.

Furthermore, and given the excellent availability of natural gas models to select from, many believe in a growing market in the future.

Last year, approximately 4,000 new gas cars were sold in Sweden. In the autumn, sales saw a huge boost and many suggest that the trend will last in 2018. The new bonus malus system introduced at the end of the year could be another boost, the car industry believes. Those who choose a gas car will then receive SEK 10,000 (USD 1, 210) as a climate bonus.

“Gas cars have an undesired boring reputation, which is a pity because today’s gas cars have the performance and reach of any car,” said Marcus Thomasfolk, information director at Volkswagen in one of the articles in the new issue of Energigas news, issue No. 1-2018.

The magazine lists all gas cars currently available on the Swedish market, with information on price and scope. Here is also a map of the more than 170 gas stations in the country.

Source: Energigas

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