44 Natural Gas Fords for Dublin, Ohio

| USA, Dublin OH | Source: Government Fleet

Dublin's new CNG Ford Fleet (Image: City of Dublin)

In the US state of Ohio, the City of Dublin’s Division of Fleet Management has recently added 44 new Ford light commercial vehicles to the City fleet, all converted to dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) operation, according to a Government Fleet report. The vehicles and conversions were funded in part by a U.S. Department of Energy grant administered through Clean Fuels Ohio. The grant will also contribute funds toward the construction of a public CNG fueling station, planned for completion by Spring 2012.

The City also will receive $275,000 from IGS Energy, an American independent retail natural gas and electric supplier, which will provide natural gas to the CNG fueling facility.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality of service to our residents and business community today while continuing to plan for tomorrow’s generation as a green and sustainable community,” said Darryl Syler, fleet manager. “The City also is looking forward to alternative energy sources that reduce emissions, rely on domestic sources, and reduce energy costs to the City. With these 44 vehicles alone, the City anticipates saving at least $30,000 per year in fuel costs, as well as significant reductions in emissions.”

The 44 new vehicles are:

  • Ford pickup trucks – 41
  • Ford Fusions – 2
  • Ford Transit – 1

As part of the conversion process, the City’s fleet technicians have been certified to repair these CNG vehicles as well as complete any required warranty work. Natural gas conversion specialist, Altech-Eco Corp. of Asheville, N.C., converted at least 35 of the vehicles and delivered the technician certification training. City’s fleet technicians were able to complete the rest of the conversions.

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