35 Million CNG Miles for Sheehy Mail Contractors

| USA, Houston TX

Sheehy mail truck Trillium CNG

Following the expansion of its natural gas fleet U.S. Midwest mail carrier, Sheehy Mail Contractors, Inc., has entered into a contract with Trillium to refuel with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) at Omaha, Nebraska. Sheehy was an early adopter of CNG, beginning the conversion process in 2013.

The company has driven 35 million miles on CNG. The alternative fuel accounts for 92 percent of all fuel purchased by Sheehy Mail Contractors.

“Sheehy is a fantastic example of leadership in the alternative fuels sector,” said Bill Cashmareck, managing director of Trillium CNG. “Partnering with fleets like Sheehy helps us make the most of our existing public-station network as well as identify the next wave of infrastructure needs for the market.”

Metropolitan Utilities District manages the CNG Fleet Fund Program, which helps offset the incremental cost of purchasing natural gas vehicles. Sheehy applied to this program and was awarded incentives to purchase four new Freightliner CNG trucks. Since 2013, the CNG Fleet Fund Program assisted in the purchase of more than 110 vehicles in the Omaha market.

“Sheehy’s overall experience using CNG has been positive. The vehicles perform very well, and maintenance issues are no more difficult than diesel trucks. Driver acceptance has been great due to good power and the quietness,” said John Sheehy, CEO of Sheehy Enterprises. “Fueling a CNG truck is clean and simple.”

John Sheehy has noticed an internal culture shift around NGVs. “In our fleet, the CNG trucks are the first ones out. Drivers want to drive them. We also know it is the right thing to do for the environment, and we promote that to our customers and employees,” said Sheehy.

Trillium CNG is part of the Love’s Family of Companies, which together own 65 public-access CNG facilities. Trillium CNG delivers more than 70 million gallons of CNG per year.

Source: Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores – Trillium CNG

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