325 New Alt-Fuel Buses for Massachusetts

| USA, Boston MA

MassDOT CNG bus in serviceIn the US State of Massachusetts, the Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has decided to purchase 325 alt-fuel buses from New Flyer, Inc. of Winnipeg, Manitoba, for it’s MBTA fleet. The $222.2 million contract calls for delivery of new 40-foot Low Floor Hybrid and Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to begin in July 2016, with all buses in service by June 2017.

“This is a wise investment that meets an urgent need to retire an aging portion of our bus fleet that has presented significant maintenance challenges and deliver new, top quality replacements that will serve thousands and thousands of our customers each day,” said MBTA Interim GM Frank DePaola.

The 325 buses will replace a current fleet of CNG buses nearing the end of their expected 12-year service life.

The contract is expected to be funded with 80% Federal Formula funds and 20% MBTA Revenue Bond funds. The MBTA funds are included in the current MBTA Capital Investment Plan.

The MBTA will engage in a detailed design review process with the contractor, New Flyer, Inc. A pilot bus will be manufactured and delivered for review and inspection, followed by manufacture and delivery of the 325 new buses. The MBTA total service fleet includes more than 1,000 buses.

(Source: MassDOT)

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