Gazprom and Regions Agree on NGV and CNG Rollout

| Russia, Stavropol
CNG station in Stavropol

CNG station in Stavropol

Gazprom and the Government of the Stavropol region have signed an agreement on expanding the use of natural gas as a motor fuel. Work on gasification of road transport in the region will be undertaken in order to improve the economic efficiency of transport and reduce negative impacts on the environment.

The Parties intend to implement a range of measures to transfer passenger transport, municipal, agricultural and other machinery in the Stavropol region to natural gas. In particular, the Government of the region will discuss the possibility of providing State support to economic entities for the implementation of activities aimed at the use of gaseous motor fuel in agricultural production and other economic activities.

Expansion of the natural gas vehicle technology park will be synchronized with the commissioning of natural gas refueling infrastructure. Over the next two months both parties will work to prioritise construction projects up to the year 2020.

Similar agreements have been reached with the regions of Ryazan and Khabarovsk. Commissioning of CNG stations will commence as early as 2015.

(Source: Gazprom Gazomotornoye Toplivo)

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