Port of Rotterdam Sees Future with LNG Fuel

| Netherlands, Rotterdam

Port of RotterdamThe Port of Rotterdam has reiterated its belief in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as a transport fuel at a briefing in Brussels. Ankie Janssen, LNG Business Development, Port of Rotterdam, spoke at the Technology for a Smart Future: Innovation and R&D to Make a Clean Future Real at Gas Week 2013, reports Natural Gas Europe, arguing significant emissions reductions and reduced operating fuel costs were compelling reasons for adoption of LNG.

Ms. Janssen explained that a number of projects, including LNG bunkering and refuelling stations, were proposed for the Port of Rotterdam. While investment decisions had yet to be made, Ms Jannsen was hopeful 2013 would be a year of action. She also pointed to the need for energy ministers to be more proactive with supportive legislation and funding for LNG projects, particularly given LNG’s potential to green the transport sector.

The Rotterdam Climate Initiative of 2012 proposed that at least 50 inland vessels, 50 ocean-going vessels and 500 trucks running on LNG can be reality in 2015. The Initiative envisaged:  “A (Dutch) market can potentially be opened up for 2 to 3 million tonnes of LNG as transport fuel (2030), which represents a reduction in CO2 equivalents of more than 1 million tonnes per year and in particulate matter of 400 to 600 tonnes per year. The NOx and SO2 emissions will also drop drastically and noise levels will decrease greatly. Further greening can take place in the long term through enlarging the share of Bio-LNG, based on organic carbon.”

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