Italian Alt-Fuel Incentives Start March 2013

| Italy, Milan

Logo - metanoItalian alternative-fuel vehicle buyers will qualify for government incentives as from March 14, including buyers of dedicated and bi-fuel natural gas vehicles (NGVs), for qualifying vehicles. The upper CO2 emissions limit has been set at 120 g/km, with the amount of incentive being defined within emission level bands. Vehicles can not have been previously registered.

A maximum price reduction of EUR 5,000, jointly provided by the Government and the seller, or the manufacturer) on the purchasing price for the 2013-2014 period, or 20% of the vehicle cost, whichever is the lesser. The maximum price varies according to the CO2 emission level: EUR 5,000 for up to 50 g/km, EUR 4,000 for 51 to 95 g/km and EUR 2,000 for 96 to 120 g/km.

Incentive levels reduce to 15% in 2015, with maximum values of 3,500, 3,000 and 1,800 Euros respectively.

The incentives are primarily aimed at public and business fleet operators, with private vehicle owners being restricted to the purchase of vehicles with emissions up to 95 g/km only.

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