NGV Global Appoints Industry Technical Leader as New Executive Director

Diego GoldinNGV Global is pleased to announce the appointment of Argentina-based engineer Diego Goldin as its new Executive Director effective February 18, 2013. Mr. Goldin brings a wealth of technical experience to the role and will provide strong leadership for the rapidly-growing global natural gas vehicle industry.

Mr. Goldin’s early involvement in the development of the Argentine natural gas vehicle market, one of the largest natural gas vehicle markets in the world, coupled with his technical knowledge and proven leadership in the area of codes, standards, and regulations will ensure effective leadership as the industry focuses on continued growth and securing the benefits of greater harmonization.

NGV Global Chairperson Alicia Milner noted that there are several new areas of market demand opening up including natural gas use for marine, rail, and offroad applications. “Diego Goldin is taking on the leadership of NGV Global at an important crossroads. After 25 years of early stage market growth, the demand for natural gas in transportation is set to increase dramatically as mature vehicle and engine technologies mesh with the desire to reduce transportation emissions, improve energy security, and reduce transportation costs.”

Goldin commenced his career in the automotive industry after graduating as an electrical engineer from the University of Buenos Aires in 1980. He served as technical liaison between Mazda Motor Corp. of Japan and their Argentine distributor and went on to become Assistant Manager of the Technical Department in charge of warranties and technical communications.

In 1984 he entered Gas del Estado, the Argentine National Gas Company, as part of the team tasked with developing the Argentine Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Program. He was named leader of the group shortly after. In 1986 Gas del Estado designated Goldin as the Argentine delegate to the inaugural meeting in Vancouver, Canada, of NGV Global, formerly known as the International Association of Natural Gas Vehicles.

Working as an independent industry consultant since 1991, Goldin has assisted several automotive companies including Fiat and General Motors with their NGV programs. Since 2011, he has provided support to IVECO Argentina for their NGV program in Argentina.

A past Secretary of Argentina’s national NGV association, the Cámara Argentina de GNC, Goldin has committed much of his working life to the development and implementation of industry standards for natural gas vehicles, working as Technical Advisor to governments and non-governmental organizations including NGV Global, both in Argentina and Latin America and around the world.

Currently, Goldin serves as:

  • Convenor ISO TC22 SC25 WG3 CNG Fuel Systems
  • Project Leader & Co-Convenor  ISO TC 252 WG1 CNG Fueling Stations
  • Co-Convenor  ISO TC 248 WG4 Sustainability Criteria for Bioenergies – Indirect Effects
  • Technical Advisor to IRAM, Argentina’s national standards body.
  • Technical Secretary of Mercosur Standards Association Committees for CNG (Fuels  Systems and Cylinders),
  • Convenor of Argentina’s National Mirror Committees for CNG (Cylinders & Road vehicles), Hydrogen Technologies and Sustainability of Bioenergies

As a specialist in codes, standards and regulations as well as developing and implementing  NGV programs including vehicle certification and homologation, Goldin has much to contribute as NGV Global’s incoming Executive Director.

“I am very thrilled and also bring great expectations to the role regarding what we at NGV Global can accomplish going forward. Even with more than twenty-five years of experience in the industry, I strongly believe that NGVs have never presented as many opportunities as they do today,” said Goldin.

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