250 CNG Stations for TruStar Energy in Growing U.S. Market

| USA: White Plains NY | Source: TruStar Energy

TruStar Energy CNG truck refuelingThe economical and environmental advantages gained from utilising Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for fleets in the United States has assisted TruStar Energy to complete construction of its 250th CNG filling station. Continuing to provide the industry reliable and cost-effective natural gas transportation fuel, this year the company expects to build approximately 35% of the market’s new stations.

As one of the nation’s leading developers of compressed natural gas (CNG) fueling stations, TruStar Energy says it will also service approximately 12% of GGE used this year across the US. The company will also embark on major growth initiatives of supplying renewable natural gas, sourced from landfills and digesters, to fleets and introducing new products for smaller fleets, so they too can realize the benefits of transitioning away from diesel.

The 250th CNG fueling station was opened for United Parcel Service in Plainfield, Indiana.

“Natural gas as a transportation fuel has proven to be a great success story for fleets—both economically and environmentally—and the communities they serve with quieter trucks and cleaner air,” said Adam Comora, CEO of TruStar Energy.

By the end of 2019, TruStar Energy will be servicing and maintaining stations that produce over 80 million gallons of natural gas fuel on an annual basis with uptime of 99.9%.

In related news, earlier this month, Fortistar, the parent company of TruStar Energy, announced the acquisition of two RNG landfill facilities and several other facilities that will enter construction this year.

“Our plan is to sustainably expand and decarbonize America’s transportation fuel market and TruStar Energy will play a major role in making this happen,” said Mark Comora, CEO of Fortistar and Chairman of TruStar Energy. “We are closing the RNG supply loop as a vertically integrated company, extracting it from landfills and moving it into natural gas vehicles and trucks.”

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