2015 North American NGV Conference & Expo

| USA, Denver CO

NGVAmerica 2015 Show logoWhen: September 15–17, 2015
Where: Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO
Website: http://www.ngvshow.com/  Registration: click here

The largest gathering of NGV industry professionals in North America is taking place in just over two weeks time. If you want to be part of critical debates, learn about current and future industry-defining issues and explore cutting edge NGV technologies that have proven to be cost effective and climate friendly, this is the event you need to attend.

This year’s event will be bigger and bolder, featuring more fleet operators, more expo booths, increased networking opportunities, in-depth case studies and technology updates.

Natural Gas Vehicles offer economic advantages and are already being utilized as an effective CPM reduction strategy, as an increasing number of fleets turn to natural gas as a transportation fuel.

Oil price and natural gas market outlook, efficiency gains through technological enhancements, cost reduction and financing, policy decisions, NGVs, CNG, LNG, RNG (Renewable Natural Gas), and infrastructure will all be discussed by over 70 expert industry speakers from many different disciplines and perspectives.

You can look forward to a dynamic show and a busy three days! Interactive networking events have been planned and you can:

  • Meet more than 100 exhibitors, 1,000 attendees and 70 speakers and panelists all in one place
  • Explore technical tours at NGV industry leading sites
  • Experience a Ride-and-Drive feature and see the trucks in action
  • Attend the Innovation Track Tour highlighting the industry’s best innovations
  • Be part of the 2015 NGV Achievement Awards celebrating innovation and leadership
  • Do business over a round of Golf at the Arrowhead Golf Course
The event is organised by CWC Group Limited.