2013 “Blue Corridor” Rally to Build NGV Awareness in Baltic Countries

| Russia, St Petersburg
Blue Corridor gets underway in St. Petersburg

Blue Corridor gets underway in St. Petersburg

The 7th natural gas fueled vehicles rally – Blue Corridor – started in St. Petersburg, Russia on October 3. Trucks, light-weight vehicles and buses running on gas have headed off on a 16-day, 4000 kilometre journey through nine European countries, following the old Hansa trade route. The rally aims to showcase the advantages of natural gas as a clean, safe and affordable fuel with a key role to play in Europe’s mobility.

The launch ceremony took place at a Gazprom Neft multi-fuel filling station, where participants and the organizers, Gazprom Export, E.ON and Gazprom Gazomotornoe Toplivo, as well as St. Petersburg regional authorities, witnessed the fueling of a compressed natural gas (CNG) truck.

Andre Schumann, Head of Technical Cooperation and Project Support Department at E.ON in Moscow, told the audience, “This rally will help us demonstrate that natural gas can be used not only for heating but as reliable, cheap and clean fuel for both public and private transport”. Igor Maynitsky, in charge of small-scale LNG at Gazprom Export, added: “We at Gazprom Export see important potential for the use of natural gas as transport fuel, both as CNG for automobile transport and as liquefied natural gas (LNG) for automobile and maritime transport”.

Eugene Pronin, CEO of the National Gas Vehicles Association of Russia (NGVRUS) and senior specialist for liquefied gas exports at Gazprom Export, highlighted the importance of showcasing the potential of natural gas vehicles (NGVs), saying: “The use of gas as motor fuel is a relevant topic for the entire world for the simple reason that transport emissions do not know national borders. Almost every global vehicle producer today has various types of transport which run on natural gas.”

To demonstrate the benefits of the use of natural gas as fuel, Gazprom and E.ON, together with around 20 local gas companies and vehicle manufacturers, organized the Blue Corridor Rally. Held for the first time in 2008 and supported by the International Gas Union, the 2013 edition gathers NGVs for a tour around the Baltic Sea. This year, the rally will also include a ferry ride from Finland to Sweden on an LNG propelled ferry, showing the benefits of using natural gas not only in transport on land, but also in the maritime sector. The 2013 Rally takes place from 3-19 October and will stop in nine European countries, including in Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia. Roundtables and events will be organized along the route, gathering experts in the field of NGVs to discuss the use of natural gas in transport.

Natural gas as a transport fuel

Natural gas in transport is not only a cleaner alternative to conventional fuels in terms of reduced emissions of CO2 (by 25%), CO (by 80%) and NOx (by 66%), but also a cheaper and safer one. For EUR 10 (USD 13.60), a natural gas fueled car will drive more than 200 kilometres, whereas a petrol or diesel car would only drive 97 kilometres and 134 kilometres respectively for the same amount.

The rally can be followed at www.bluecorridor.org.

(Source: Blue Corridor)

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