110 TEMSA CNG Buses for Istanbul

| Turkey, Istanbul
TEMSA Avenue CNG 12m Bus

The CNG-powered TEMSA Avenue, fitted with the ISL G engine and Allison transmission.

Turkish bus manufacturer TEMSA recently delivered its first 12-meter Avenue Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) buses to Istanbul Otobüs A.Ş. The order for 110 reduced-emission buses, equipped with Allison automatic transmissions, will help reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Turkey’s largest city.

According to Abdullah Yasir Sahin, general manager of Istanbul Otobüs A.S., “We prefer more comfortable, economical and safer transportation models, therefore we gave preference to TEMSA’s Avenue CNG vehicles. Allison fully automatic transmissions, with recognized CNG engine compatibility, were the inevitable option for continuous stop and start operations.”

The 11.995m TEMSA Avenue bus city bus is fitted with a Cummins ISL G 300hp engine, roof-mounted composite CNG cylinders and seats 28 with 64 standing. The T350R transmission provides continuous power during each gearshift while engine torque is multiplied at launch enhancing CNG engine performance. As a result, the buses not only accelerate faster but also perform more efficiently.

Taner Gider, Allison’s area manager for Turkey and the Middle East, emphasized the advantages offered by fully automatic transmissions compatible with CNG engines. “Allison generates solutions that address both market demands for more environmentally-friendly vehicles and the power and performance challenges that characterize engines built to use alternative fuels,” he said.

(Sources: TEMSA Global, Allison Transmissions)

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