100th CNG Fleet Vehicle for South Jersey Gas

| USA, Millville NJ

South Jersey Gas 100th CNG VehicleNew Jersey utility South Jersey Gas (SJG) recently celebrated introducing the 100th compressed natural gas (CNG) fueled vehicle into its fleet. SJG is committed to expanding CNG fueling sites across southern New Jersey, with seven public fueling stations open now and plans to construct more this year.

Furthermore, the utility has already converted more than 100 of its vehicles to CNG since 2011, and is committed to converting its entire fleet by 2020. Once the entire fleet is converted, the use of approximately 457,000 gallons of gasoline per year will be eliminated.

SJG supports the needs of customers in various stages of converting their fleets to natural gas and is collaborating with other utility companies and advocacy agencies in the United States to develop a nationwide fuel infrastructure.

The benefits of using compressed natural gas vehicles in fleets include reductions in greenhouse gases on average of 20-29 percent. In SJG’s situation, reductions amount to 26-29 percent in the light duty category that encompasses most of our fleet, according to the company’s 2015 Sustainability report.

(Source: South Jersey Gas)

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